Connecticut Sewer Water & Septic

Connecticut Sewer Water and Septic provides septic system installation and repair services, city sewer main repair, municipal city water line repair and replacement, and has recently combined high-tech in-line video camera sewer inspection with pipe cleaning and hydro jetting services for customers all throughout Litchfield County and Connecticut. Total customer satisfaction is our primary goal, combined with affordable professional sewer, water and septic system services for all commercial businesses and residential property owners throughout the Nutmeg State.

Whether you need a sewer main repair or a new installation, city water line repair, septic repair, Connecticut Sewer Water & Septic is your number one source for professional city sewer line, septic and water main solutions with a personal touch. Connecticut Sewer Water and Septic has recently added sewer hydro jetting and cleaning to their list of services, so if you ever have a clogged, backed up or damaged sewer or septic tank line, we can inspect your clogged pipe first to evaluate the situation, and then determine if it’s just a blockage or if there is a more serious problem, such as a broken or cracked sewer line, or tree roots that have grown into your sewer lateral and need to be removed. Our family-owned business has been providing high quality residential and commercial services. We take pride in all of our work, and our dedicated employees are highly trained professionals with over 31 years of unmatched experience. We’re ready to take on any city sewer, city water or septic system project, and deliver results you’ll be proud of. Our owner-operator knows that it takes more than just materials, tools, and skills to deliver outstanding results. That’s why Connecticut Sewer Water & Septic is fully committed to unsurpassed customer service. We won’t be satisfied until you are, that’s our promise. Give us a call today, and we’ll be there in your time of need.

Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England that has a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. Mystic is famed for its Seaport museum filled with centuries-old ships, and the beluga whale exhibits at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the city of New Haven is known as the home of Yale University and its acclaimed Peabody Museum of Natural History.

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